Sunday, June 15, 2014

Surfing makes you the happiest

Cute new purchase, a little vintage style surf hoodie by Ripcurl. I REALLY want to get back into surfing. Its about time me thinks. So what will I need...

1. Steamer for the cooler months:

First choice would be a Flashbomb by ripcurl but its a little errrr, pricey! $549

I think the cheaper alternative would suffice at $299:

The dawn patrol 43 also by Ripcurl

2. The Board

As a beginner (or someone who once surfed but so long ago that my tone abs and arms have gone a little floppy Id say the perfect board would be something like a minimal (longer than a regular surfboard, but short enough to be manageble and the length will make wave catching easy peasey. Harder to get out with especially with my spaz duck diving skills, but to catch a wave this would be dreamy. It will make it look easy and once you catch one you will be hooked and stay out for hours. Progress will be quick and super fun!

3. Inspiration:

Watch some surf movies to get your motivation running. Heres a trailer to "The women and waves"

Grab some cheap roof racks for your car and get up off your bum and do it! - Jade, Im talking to you! Go!

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