Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adorable Childrens Fashion!

Alert to all Mums and Dads with small kidlets! I saw this shop in Strasbourg, France and I had to take pictures. They are the sweetest kids clothes ever (of course they come from Paris). But I would love to wear these dresses! I adore the little shorts over tights outfit in the poster too. Love Jade xxx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A day in France again.

Yesterday we went to France again for the day. We drove to a small city called Strasbourg near the German border. It's a really old city etablished before Christ by Romans and has a beautiful Gothic Cathedral in the centre of the 'Old City'.
There are tonnes of really great fashion shops and AMAZING patisseries and chocolatiers. Like our trip last weekend (see post below), we ran around the city like 2 kids high on sugar trying every tasty thing in sight. Macaroons, Eclairs, Canapes, Twisted cheese breads, Baked creamy fish stew, french wine. I felt like that Simpsons episode where Bart and Milhouse have the pure syrup squishys. It was so much fun. Here are some of my favourite photos. (And of course the Macaroon post below belongs to this day.) Yum!

Love Jade xxx

Swoon Macaroon

Tried Macaroons on our trip to France yesterday. Gaaaaaa! They are rediculously good! Especially the Chocolate one. Its crispy on the edge and a gooey delicious filling, and a little bit tacky / chewy! Swoooon. xxx

Apologies again for the lack of posts! I have one of those mobile USB internet sticks and its sooooo slow, and very hard to upload a photo. So for the next month, they will be a little thin, but Ill have lots of really good stuff to catch up with ;)

Love Jade xxx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

France for a day

Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been flat out working my butt off renovating this house and I get home after 11 hours and basically eat, read and go to bed. We had the weekend off though and we had a great time.

We drove to France for Lunch! How cool is that. It's only 45 minutes to the border from here in Germany, so off we went. We had a terrific day and I was so excited from the moment we crossed the border. We went to this sweet little Village and strolled around, went for lunch and then stocked up on some yummy French food to take home. Their were Eclairs, Mousse, Baguettes and Quiches and they were all so so tasty, but the Chocolate Eclairs were UNREAL. Oh my god, do the French know how to make chocolate goo!! The Quiches were very special too. One was made of smelly cheeses and the other smoked Salmon. Gaaaa.

*Click on photos to enlarge

After lunch and shopping we went for a country drive. We switched on the radio and listened to French Classical music as we drove though mountains with wild flowers everywhere and over little streams and bubbling brooks. It was so gorgeous. We went past a beautiful Chateau with the highest hedges I've ever seen. I was sure someone famous was hiding in their "French Holiday Cottage". It was a perfect day. We are defiantly going back soon and next time I want to go to the supermarket and stock up on cheeses and maybe buy a nice Perfume...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect Picnic

Happy Weekend lovelies! I just got home from a hard day renovating the In-laws house. This week we tore everything down, wall paper, floors and walls. I actually got to smash a wall in and it was pretty fun. Doing things like this always makes my Mister giggle because I look like a little Kid with a big hammer. Next week, we make it all pretty with new floors and wall paper and paint and tiles. I'll do a before and after post next week. So anyway,  on the drive home we were talking about what would be nice to do this weekend and I suggested we take a Picnic and invite a group of friends, somewhere we can go swimming. There is a beautiful place not to far away in the Black Forest or we might drive to France (How cool is it that we are close enough) (I'll get some pics). 

So this "Happy Weekend" post is dedicated to Picnics. And you don't even have to have nice weather, you can do an indoor Picnic, just throw down some cute blankets and cushions, grab a bottle of wine and some yummy platter treats. You could also do a Picnic in your backyard. Of course it's great to go with your boyfriend or family, but their aint nothing wrong with grabbing your bicycle and a good book and throwing yourself a little picnic. Here are some pretty picnic ideas to get you started. The last one is my Favorite, so sweet! 

Have a lovely weekend. Love Jade xxx

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vintage Topshop!

Topshop I love you! At the moment Topshop have a great collection of Vintage inspired pieces and as usual, really affordable. I you have questions about sizing, just ask. Here are four looks from their Autumn / Winter 2011 Lookbook. Their are four vintage looks: Prim and Polished, New Mod, Glam Underground and Bavaria. Check out their online store for many more... http://www.topshop.com


Glam Underground

New Mod

Prim and Polished

Have fun shopping 
Love Jade xxx

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty Things

Oh oh oh, You Pretty things.

I found some really amazing things this week. Hope they bring you a smile. Love Jade xxx

The words I needed to read this week

Pretty Ballerinas marching

Pretty woolen trees

pretty cute snow lick

Pretty locket

Pretty Romantic

Pretty typewriter on a pretty rug

Pretty Mess

Pretty great mail

Pretty friends

Pretty funny Christmas card

Pretty shoe collection

Pretty place to lay your head

Pretty Swing

Pretty pretty pictures.

Love Jade xxx