Pretty Things

18th August, 2015

all the pretty horses

Here is a photo shoot of my beautiful niece Jessie and her horse taken in the evening sun at her farm. Magical xx

29th October, 2013
Latest Collections of pretty pics I've found that make you snap, crackle and pop. They are inspirational and make spark up your creative side or just make you want, want, WANT! The theme is all things Pretty & Pink. Love Jade xxx

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 Sunday 1st July, 2012

Ooo la la, you Pretty Things!
Pretty head dress
Pretty Snaps
Pretty fun
Pretty Face and Pretty light
Pretty Freedom
Pretty cute
Pretty Kiss
Pretty Swim
Pretty much perfect




Friday, March 9th, 2012

Here are a mix of pretty little under things to gaze upon. From bloomers, knickers and swimmers....



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For you to gobble up.
Love Jade xxx

Pretty shoes

pretty words

pretty birds

pretty amazing dress

prettiest diamond ring i ever did see

 pretty lovely

 pretty good advice

pretty cute tummys

pretty little indian girl

 pretty snooze

 pretty bra and other things

 pretty pretty pretty christina hendricks from 'Mad Men'
(I really love her)

and again, because she is just too PRETTY and she rocks 1960's.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, oh, oh  you pretty things. Guess what this weeks theme is...

 Pretty slippers in a row

Pretty hair

 Pretty Yummy cake

Pretty candy

Pretty Mobile

Pretty cute cloud

Pretty city

Pretty sky

Pretty fun!

Pretty lil' fella's

Pretty pigtail once removed

Pretty Merry Christmas

Pretty lick

pretty cute pic

Pretty reads

Colourific Pretty things. Hope you enjoyed. 
Love Jade xxx



Saturday, October 1, 2011

This weekend I am posting a collection of enchanted photos to add to my 'Pretty Lovelies' section. Hope you have a great weekend, sprinkled with a little bit of magic. 
Love Jade xxx

Pretty Kites in the setting sun

Pretty Daenerys from 'The game of Thrones'

Pretty (fierce) wolves

Pretty enchanted gate

Pretty candles in the snow

 Pretty amazing photo of the Northern lights (Alaska)

Pretty deer and fox make friends

Pretty ancient tree

Pretty ship sailing in the wind

Pretty much want this amazing tree house

Pretty Snow White


Sunday September 4, 2011

This weeks pretty things is lace inspired. Lovely lace...

Pretty lace picture

Pretty dress design

Pretty bows on pretty legs
(not lace, but i couldnt resist)

 Pretty lace legs

 Prettiest nails

Pretty fantastic collection

 Pretty red with pretty lace in a pretty yard

pretty feet

pretty Audrey Hepburn in pretty lace mask

Love Jade xxx

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh oh oh, You Pretty things.

I found some really amazing things this week. Hope they bring you a smile. Love Jade xxx

The words I needed to read this week

Pretty Ballerinas marching

Pretty woolen trees

pretty cute snow lick

Pretty locket

Pretty Romantic

Pretty typewriter on a pretty rug

Pretty Mess

Pretty great mail

Pretty friends

Pretty funny Christmas card

Pretty shoe collection

Pretty place to lay your head

Pretty Swing

Pretty pretty pictures.

Love Jade xxx


Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, oh, oh you Pretty things. Here are a couple things to gaze at and lift away the Monday blues. We are moving in to our house that we are renovating today. Got to set up our new temporary place we'll call home for the next 6 weeks. Have a great day. Love Jade. xxx

Pretty shoes, prettier socks.

 Pretty bathers.

pretty sprinkles for pretty cakes

Prettiest bus stop in the whole world.

pretty 'love' legs

pretty cute, too cute! Lil munchkin!

Pretty Marilyn

pretty girl with pretty hair

pretty great fun 
(my sister and I had one of these)

prettiest sunset

Pretty inspiring

pretty girl and wolf in pretty woods 

Pretty Pin Up.

That's all for today folks, hope these Pretty Things inspired you, made you smile, excited or appealed to you like they do for me. Love Jade xxx


Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty, pretty, pretty things...

Pretty lil' fella

Pretty weed

 Pretty little Indian

Pretty socks

 Pretty twirl

Pretty young Katie Moss

Pretty field

Pretty legs everywhere
Pretty cute wall decoration

pretty in pink

Pretty bow and pretty grumpy face

Pretty dress still awake

pretty cigarettes

would be pretty on a bride

pretty dresses

pretty fun
26th July, 2011
Oh You pretty things...

Pretty dress, pretty bottom!

Pretty good afternoon

Pretty stroll

Pretty special treat

Prettiest shorts I ever did see

Pretty wild looking girl

Pretty true

Pretty much wish I was doing this right now

 Pretty 'Michelle' from 'Mama's + Papas"

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Pretty Picture

 Pretty fun

  Pretty Art

Pretty amazing eyes

 Pretty cute note

  Pretty head dress

Pretty fun camping

pretty nap like a cat

 Pretty bike (I want one)

Pretty Blanket

So so many Pretty Things.
(Sources to follow)


 Pretty Flowers, Windmill, Birds.

Pretty eyes

Pretty Painting

Pretty Childlike Empress