Wednesday, November 30, 2011

70's Photo booth

I've had a bit of a gap between posts because I flew from Germany to Australia for an extended Christmas break visit. I am at my Grandmas and have been delighted to spend hours with Mum and Grandma going through old Family photos. Here are 2 really cute photo booth photos from the 70's. They were so gorgeous I had to share.

This is my Mum (Left) & her cousin Joy. 

My Mum and Dad around the time they got married. So vibrant and freshed faced.

Love Jade xxx

Friday, November 18, 2011

Zooey Deschanel in Vintage Swimwear gets the thumbs up from me. I think this American Actress is super cute. She's been in heaps of stuff but nothing that huge yet. She is the girl from 500 days of Summer and a new TV show that's geekalicious called 'New Girl'. She was also in 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' and 'Almost Famous'. If you wanna know more, here is her wiki page. Otherwise, for now just enjoy these cute pics. Love Jade xxx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 Thank you to every one who entered and for the feedback. It encourages me to keep going. Congratulations to Bronwyn. Don't forget to email me your postal address ASAP.

i miss you Dad xxx

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

flash mob

You've gotta see this! Flash mob, how can you not love it!? A group of people seeming to spontaneously start dancing or freezing in a train station or shopping center. They causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. I spent tonight watching flash mob videos and smiling and vowing to participate myself one day. Here are a couple I thought were really good. Have fun. Love Jade xxx

LMAO Flash Mob group

This one is a bit different, but really cool idea, see what you think...

Frozen Flash Mob

Food Court Musical

MC Hammer Mob Dance

...And there are tonnes more. I love that people do this. There are a few that have happened at Grand Central Station in Sydney too and at a Uni in Melbourne. What did you think. Comment and let me share any others you know of that made you smile...


My Father gave this to my sister once. It's quite beautiful and as I am thinking of you a lot today Dad, I thought I would share it. Love Jade xxx

Thursday, November 10, 2011


seeing as its the amazing date of 11/11/11 I thought it fit to re-post one of my very first posts on Apple Tree... I am posting it a little early in Germany as it is already 11/11 in Australia...


Do you see 11:11?


A special dedication to the upcoming date this year 11/11/11.

Does it appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence? Do you notice it too? I often wonder what it means and whether its a good or bad thing. I've been seeing it for years, though lately it's really slowed down. I've met other people who notice it too. My Birthday is the 11th. 11/10 at 11:00AM actually. And my Ex, Johnny also mentioned it when we were together and we both saw it more and more. His Birthday is 11/11.

Jump forward 5 Years after we had broken up but remained good friends, on day he sent me a text saying "Did you know there is a whole world Phenomena on 11:11". My message was received at 11:11. I laughed thinking it was some trick. But a couple days later when I asked how he did it, he said he wasn't even aware of the time... Weird.

So I've had a look on the net, it seems this strange Phenomena is noticed throughout the world.

For this guy (Renowned psychic Uri Geller ) it didn't start 'til he was 40...

I started experiencing this rather bizarre occurrence when I was forty years old, at first I thought they were coincidences, I would stand with my back to a digital clock and something made me turn around and I would notice that the time would be 11:11. These incidents intensified I would be checked into hotel rooms on floor 11 room 1111. I started noticing these digits on computers, microwave ovens, cars, documents, etc. I decided to write about it on my website. I was immediately inundated by hundreds of emails from all around the world. Individuals were telling me their own 11:11 stories, almost always saying “I thought it only happened to me”. It is difficult for me to decipher what this is all about but my intuition tells me its positive.
to read on Uri Gellers story:

And these facts in relation to the number 11 are pretty interesting too...

The first Great War, World War 1, ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. To this day,
victims and veterans are remembered at that specific time. 

In Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, the number 11 is described as a curious number, and reaching your 111th birthday is an event. 

The USA skipped sequencenumbers on the Apollo moon missions to ensure it was Apollo 11 that landed on the moon. 

In ancient Egypt King Tutankhamen's tomb had combinations of 11 in the jewelry he wore, and he had 11 oars placed on the
floor surrounding his tomb. 

The number 11, and particularly the number 33, have significance to Freemasons, and other secretive groups.

In addition, there have been thousands of people worldwide who have recently expressed a strong feeling
towards 11. This has been widely reported for the last 5-10 years, and is now commonly referred to as
the 11:11 experience, referring to the time of 11:11.

Another interesting blogsite on 1111 is:

Hmmm, Do you see it?? What do you think it means??

big belly rolling laughs work best

whitest boy alive

this song made me sigh today. makes your mind slow down. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty Things

For you to gobble up.
Love Jade xxx

Pretty shoes

pretty words

pretty birds

pretty amazing dress

prettiest diamond ring i ever did see

 pretty lovely

 pretty good advice

pretty cute tummys

pretty little indian girl

 pretty snooze

 pretty bra and other things

 pretty pretty pretty christina hendricks from 'Mad Men'
(I really love her)

and again, because she is just too PRETTY and she rocks 1960's.

Image sources:


Monday, November 7, 2011


 As Apple tree is just a young blog, the readers are only few, which means much more chance for you to win. I will draw the winner on November 16th. Good luck!

Prize: A brand new pair of top shop studded sneakers in black. Size: Au 7, UK 5, Euro 38, If its not your size, give them to someone you know and make them smile on Christmas.

Love Jade xxx

P.S don't forget to add your name 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bridget Bardot

Another amazing picture of Style Icon, Bridget Bardot, Have a look at my Pretty Lovelies page for a whole series of amazing photos of this lovely lass.

The tale of the late lorry


A movie made in Germany in the scenic countryside and at my boyfriends family home. It's reminiscent of old time silent movies. The car used is one of my Father in laws. He also filmed the video and I edited it for him. He collects old timers.  
Love Jade xxx

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salmon and leek mini Quiches with a Cream Cheese pastry

Salmon and leek mini Quiches with a super easy and delicious Cream Cheese pastry.

These little beauties are easy to make and delicious!

The pastry is super easy. Just butter, cream cheese, flour and water.

Here is the recipe: 

110 gms butter
140 gm cream cheese
1 cup of all purpose flour
2 tablespoons water

1. In a bowl add flour, butter (cut into cubes), cream cheese and water. Mix (slow setting on an electric mixer, or by hand) together until it forms a thick dough. (Handle the dough as least as possible as you dont want to warm the butter too much). Flour your hands to stop sticking and roll dough into a bowl and put in the fridge for one hour. Press tablespoons onto the bottom and sides of cupcake cups or tin. (Grease tin first with butter)

 1 Leek diced
4 eggs
1 cup of milk or cream
smoked salmon
1/2 a cup of cheese (sometimes I use 2 cheeses like Parmesan and Gouda, but any will do)
Finely chopped chives

The filling is basically making scrambled eggs and adding thing, so you can vary. Try it with bacon and tomato.
Heat a pan with Olive oil, add leek and cook to soften
Beat eggs and milk in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. Add cheese and leek to mixture. Put small pieces of Salmon in to the pasty cups then spoon in mixture to fill.
Bake in oven at 180 degrees for 25 - 30 mins or until golden brown.

They tun out moist and juicy and so so yummy. Once you have one, you'll want another.  Enjoy.

Love Jade xxx

vintage Motorbike

Here is a video of us playing - Yesterday. At the Mill.
*Oops, its called an NSU Motorbike, not NSL... ;)

Untitled from Jade van Santen on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

retail therapy

Today I went shopping online and I got a new Bikini from Top shop for 12 pounds.

and some great new shoes at Asos.