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I created this blog as a positive place to share inspiration and creativity. My Dad died suddenly  two years ago and it really crumbled my world.  He was the center of my universe and to lose him left me feeling lost and alone. Now as I slowly rebuild the pieces, I am finding ways to carry on without him and to carry him with me as well.  I use this blog as a positive corner to share beauty and creativity.

Here's a quick little video I made to (hopefully) create a smile

Working life
I am an Australian girl living in Germany. I produce and edit film and television. I love good music, vintage fashion and film.

The blog is here to show them all.

I have worked for various television production companies from the age of 19. Beginning with Channel [V] Australia as a Presenter. Some other interesting places I have worked are MTV, Working Dog Productions 'Thank God You're Here', and my favorite was a small Television Production office in Melbourne, Australia called H2. 
Here are a couple videos of what I have done in Television... 


Producing / Junior Editing

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