Sunday, October 16, 2011

a very special treasure

I've just had my Birthday. 31! Wow. I received a very special Birthday present from my Mr's Mother. We visited her yesterday for Coffee and cake and she came out with a small ceramic bowl of beautiful antique Jewelery. It was Jewelery from my Mr's Gran, Gran, Gran, Grandmother. Its all over 100 years old and was gorgeous. There were 7 pieces and I was allowed to choose one as a present. A beautiful set of golden toned double string Pearls from England, A Silver Cuff bracelet, 2 Art Nouveau brooches, A Pearl bracelet and a beautiful hand painted floral ceramic necklace on a really interesting chain link. Needless to say, I took ages to make my final choice, trying them all on and parading around the room like a lady. In the end I chose an art nouveau Brooch. Its absolutely gorgeous and delicate with an amythest stone set in the center. What a gorgeous present. It will be treasured!
Love Jade xxx

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