Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak Peak at where we are living

Here is a sneak peak at the house my Mr's Father has just renovated. This is where we are living for the  next couple of months. Its a beautiful old German home with original wooden exposed beams. Its roughly 300 years old. The bottom floor has a open plan space with Kitchen separated by open unenclosed beams. Its really lovely. Up stairs has another large space with separate bathroom and the best bit is a loft (cubby) bedroom with a view of the stars. I'd love to fill this with cushions and patchwork quilts and pretty lights and make it a magical place to sleep. We are only here for the summer with temporary furniture, but wouldn't it be great to stay here and make it a beautiful home...  Love Jade xxx


  1. I tried and it wouldnt post. So I signed in. Love the house, will be fun renovating.

  2. Oh this was mum xx

  3. It would be such a great home! I can already image what it would look like with lots of moroccan lanterns...


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