Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pretty Things - Happy Monday

Oh, oh, oh you Pretty things. Here are a couple things to gaze at and lift away the Monday blues. We are moving in to our house that we are renovating today. Got to set up our new temporary place we'll call home for the next 6 weeks. Have a great day. Love Jade. xxx

Pretty shoes, prettier socks.

 Pretty bathers.

pretty sprinkles for pretty cakes

Prettiest bus stop in the whole world.

pretty 'love' legs

pretty cute, too cute! Lil munchkin!

Pretty Marilyn

pretty girl with pretty hair

pretty great fun 
(my sister and I had one of these)

prettiest sunset

Pretty inspiring

pretty girl and wolf in pretty woods 

Pretty Pin Up.

That's all for today folks, hope these Pretty Things inspired you, made you smile, excited or appealed to you like they do for me. Love Jade xxx

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  1. ♥♥ this list! the bus stop is just darling!

    = )


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