Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect Picnic

Happy Weekend lovelies! I just got home from a hard day renovating the In-laws house. This week we tore everything down, wall paper, floors and walls. I actually got to smash a wall in and it was pretty fun. Doing things like this always makes my Mister giggle because I look like a little Kid with a big hammer. Next week, we make it all pretty with new floors and wall paper and paint and tiles. I'll do a before and after post next week. So anyway,  on the drive home we were talking about what would be nice to do this weekend and I suggested we take a Picnic and invite a group of friends, somewhere we can go swimming. There is a beautiful place not to far away in the Black Forest or we might drive to France (How cool is it that we are close enough) (I'll get some pics). 

So this "Happy Weekend" post is dedicated to Picnics. And you don't even have to have nice weather, you can do an indoor Picnic, just throw down some cute blankets and cushions, grab a bottle of wine and some yummy platter treats. You could also do a Picnic in your backyard. Of course it's great to go with your boyfriend or family, but their aint nothing wrong with grabbing your bicycle and a good book and throwing yourself a little picnic. Here are some pretty picnic ideas to get you started. The last one is my Favorite, so sweet! 

Have a lovely weekend. Love Jade xxx

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  1. hey love it, love the last one. Love the one with the lanterns.


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