Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pretty Lovely Flower Crowns

This pretty lovelies is a look at beautiful flower crowns. I wore one (pictures) to a Hawaii party. Great in spring and easy to make. To make this one I walked around my neighborhood and found some vines, wove them together in a circle to fit my head, then picked flowers from the area (it was spring in Germany, a very pretty time of year) and tucked them in hear and then, then refrigerate until its time to go.

My Spring Crown

More pretty, inspiring flower crowns...

Add berries for a festive crown

Bridal Crown

To make one out of fake flowers, here's a D.I.Y from the lovely lady, Miss James at Bleubird

or oder a Vintage D.I.Y kit like this one...
from this online store BHLDN

Have fun looking like a pretty woodland creature.

xxx Jade


  1. love that daisy chain! So 90's x

  2. Very Melissa George, might go listen to Nirvana now...

  3. I always made them when I was a child. I think today I'll make one again...

  4. I like the 'Marie Antoinette' one (with the pink hair)


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