Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Phototgraphy

Wanted to share some of my favorite snaps from my 2 years living in Europe. Hope you like 'em. More to come. Love Apple Tree xxx

Marettimo, Island off Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea..
 It has about 300 inhabitants in the winter and 700 in the summer (not including tourists), who mainly live from fishing and traditional hand-craft.

 We missed our flight home and decided to hire a car and drive around the Island of Sicily. The views were spectacular. The villages in the windy mountains so beautiful and sleepy.

Baden Wuttenberg, Germany
 One of my first days in Germany. In Awe.

Ah Paris
 I love the colours, metal grey and lavender.

Marettimo, Sicily
 Essence of Italy

Barcelona, Spain.

Mushroom city, forest in Germany.

Bavaria, Germany
 A magical forest walk.

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