Friday, December 16, 2011

Flair Fare!

Flairs are back I tell thee! I got given a pair a bag of second hand clothes to look through and came across a pair of flared Jeans. I remembered the amazing pairs I use to find in Op/shops when I was 16. Original 70's vintage, which I wore to death and they eventually fell apart. As a teenager I had a massive love for 70's Fashion and I think I am ready to revisit, thanks to this pair of hand me down flares. Ive been stuck on Skinny Jeans for so long, its time to break the mold and re-visit an old look that rocks!

Be sure to pair them with a cute pair of platforms, adding lots of leg length and a cropped, short or tucked in top. 

I was flicking through the latest Grazia today and spotted Elle in High waisted Flares! Aha! I knew it! Cute belt!

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