Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Weekend

This weekend I am going to attempt to dye my hair. I want to bleach my dark brown hair one or 2 shades lighter on the ends. I have bleach, peroxide, and a toner, a bottle of Champagne and my stand in girlfriend (my boy friend) to help. He is going to crack the bottle open with me and and help me with the foils and we'll bitch and gossip together. I am missing my Australian friends, so he's being my stand in Aussie girl friend. hehehe.

Here is the inspiration, lovely Drew...

But I'm planning to be more of a golden brown ends and less on the ends. If it works Ill post pics, if not, Ill cut it off!

Cheers to experiments and girls nights (with boy friends)!

1 comment:

  1. wish I could have been your Aussie girlfriend to do this wit u Jade xx Looks hot! here's a little bitchin for ya k: the other day I had a guy say to me "Love me like I'm dying in two weeks babe" Bahahahahahaha yeah right! I'm goin to love him like he died two weeks ago thank you very much...bam! Love you jade xxx


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