Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to make your own hanging magical tree

This D.Y.I will take a few posts that I put together. So you wont see the final product until I am finished. But the idea is having a magical tree hanging from your ceiling. Mine is going to be in my bedroom, as its looking a little boring in there at the moment. It will make your room look enchanted...

So first step is to collect your supplies.

1. You'll need to go out and find a good sized branch with nice shaped branches, something with lots of little twigs. The council cut down a tree near my house so I broke one off of the dead tree.

 2. Go to your local Art/ Craft supplies. In Germany I reccomend IDEE and in Australia Spotlight. Then wander around and pick things you find magical pr pretty. I bought (from left to right)
1. Craft glue (for multi surfaces)
2. Gold leaf
3. Silver elastic string
4. Cannon Photo paper (for printing images I want to use)
5. Butterfly (made of netting and glitter)
6. A felt strawberry
7 & 8. Small birds
9. Glitter
10. fabric hearts
11. A notepad of coloured paper

You can also collect things from around your area like feathers.


To make the tree look really special I sparkly up the tips. For this you will need...
A paint brush, craft glue, a small tub for the glue, glitter, paper.

First lay down paper to catch the spare glitter... I used old wrapping paper

Unless you have a snoopy dog, then maybe move to a table ;) I did cos this little Pooch love to make wood chips out of sticks...

With a paintbrush, paint the tips with glue.

Add glitter to a small container and dip the glue tips in to get a complete cover.




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  1. Cute idea! Are you going for ornamental birds in your tree? Or perhaps a cuddly koala from oz..:D


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