Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roller Derby

Roller Derby is (back) on the rise. So I've put together a list of some pretty damn snazzy skates for you guys and will give you a basic run down of what's what in Roller Derby.

Roller skating was most popular in then 70's as a form of recreation sport and to this day the skates still have a pretty cool 70's style shape (and the reason I had to feature them on Apple Tree.

So Roller Derby...

What is it?
Roller Derby is a contact skating Sport started in America. It's hard and fast and at times Brutal. It's not only considered as a sport but also has an entertainment level to it. Each player dresses in their own style whether it be fished nets and ripped short shorts or athletic or sexy. And they also have made up names for when they were on the Track. I went to this online "Roller Derby Name Generator" and was given the "Fierce" name - Nancy Drewblood!  Ha, ha. Fun.

How does it work??
Well, basically, a roller derby takes place on a circuit track. There are 2 teams and they each send five players onto the track — one jammer (scorer) and four blockers (defense).
Helmet covers are worn to display the players' positions.
Two start lines are marked on the track: a jammer line and a pivot line. All blockers must line up behind the pivot line (A video link below helps with the visuals). The eight pivots and blockers together are called the pack.
The two jammers start 20 feet behind the pack on the jammer line. The Referee blows the whistle ones to start the pack going round, then again to start the Jammers.
The jammers have to try skate their way through the pack and out the other side. The Pack pretty ruthlessly try to stop the oppositions jammer. The jammer scores a point for every person they pass on the track (Must pass the whole pack once to begin scoring.) There are also penalties and illegal passes. Team with the highest score, Wins! 
Also: On October 2nd, 2009, Fox Searchlight released the major motion picture Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page

Want to know more about Roller Derby? HERE is a good place to start.

HERE is a video explaining the basics of Roller Derby made by 'The Hammer City Roller Girls'.

Roller Derby 'Firestar' skates

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