Thursday, July 21, 2011

My boyfriends back and I'm gonna be in trouble!

Not really in trouble, but I have finally got him back from the deep dark cave that is his University study room in our house. Exams are finished for the Semester. Yayyy! He works so hard. He is now in his final year of his Master course of Civil Engineering. But now it's Summer holidays in Europe. Weeeeeee! We are going to do a road trip through Croatia (see earlier blog cos it's just Paradise) and spend time at his Fathers lovely home (an old Flour Mill, Restored) so beautiful and relaxing there. and might pop in a Summer festival or 2. I'd also love to get back to Paris (it really was as romantic as the Cliche). But to start with a lovely breakfast together of home brewed coffee, home made bread, farm eggs and fruits. Yum!

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