Thursday, June 30, 2011

Queen Jade

After realising I thought I'd watched every cool Medieval movie (Think Braveheart, Gladiator (Not really, but it counts), Rob Roy) that was made, I decided to google...

For anyone that loves this type of show, I recommend a website called Long ago captures for some tips on stuff you may have never seen.

Always good fun, filled with Swords and Honour and Scandals and... Love.

Some like...

 The Game of Thrones (Highly Recommended)

Is fiction and might I say Fantastical! The opening scene is what hooked me in, set in a forest heavy with Snow and an ice wall as tall as you can imagine, Eerie and cool and shot like with the Cinematic of a good film, something rare to find in a TV Series. Filmed in Ireland.

The Tudors

Is also a good watch, though I am only half way through.  Based around England's King Henry in the 1500's. Its an engrossing story and only made better by the fact that you are learning more  about the History of England and Monarchy. I've even been engrossed enough by the story to research the facts and found the Series to be very close to the real History. Engross. Had to say it again ;)


was also Great and very recently released. I knew parts of this mythology. The Sword in the Stone, Excalibur, Merlin and The lady in the lake were all vaguely familiar. This Series ties them all together in an interesting way. Though some of the scripting is weak in parts. It generally moves along well and is beautiful in a old English Castles kind of way.
*Note - all 3 of these shows can get pretty saucy. Maybe cover the Kids eyes... and ears...

Anyway all this watching of Kings and Swords and Castles made me decide I'll like to be Queen. So I drew a picture. With a rose petal skirt ;) Only the best for Queen Jade.

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